Coolmuster PDF Locker : Password Protect Your PDF Files

PDF file format is a very popular format for creating and sharing of documents online. When we share the PDF files with others, we can assign certain restrictions to these PDF files. For example, we can set passwords to the PDF files so that only intended recipient can view the PDF.

Password protecting PDF files is a very common security measure used to restrict access to the content inside the PDF. We can use Coolmuster PDF Locker to add many different types of protections and restrictions to a PDF file.

In the Coolmuster PDF Locker user interface, we begin by adding all the PDF file that we want to protect. We can add individual PDF files one by one. We can also add a folder containing PDF files.

Coolmuster PDF Locker

The very first thing that we have to do is set a password to the PDF. There are two types of passwords that we can set – the user password and the owner password. The owner password is used to set or remove the restrictions. The user passwords is used to unlock and view the PDF file in a PDF viewer.

The next thing we can select is the encryption type to be used. Coolmuster PDF Locker allows three types of encryption – RCA 40 bit, RCA 128 bit and AES 128 bit. The RCA 40 bit encryption is for compatibility with Adobe Acrobat 4 and 5. The RCA 128 bit encryption is for compatibility with Adobe Acrobat 5 or above. And the AES 128 bit encryption is for compatibility with Adobe Acrobat 7 and later versions.

Coolmuster PDF Locker

Finally, we can set the permissions for the PDF files. Among the various permissions are content copying, content modifications, adding of annotation, document printing (low or high resolution), content copying for accessibility, form filling, and assembling of the document.

Coolmuster PDF Locker

After selecting an output folder, we can click on the Encrypt button. This will set the selected permissions to the PDF files. You can test the permissions by opening the modified PDF files in any standard PDF viewer.

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