Coolmuster PDF Creator : Convert Files to PDF Format Easily

PDF file format has become so popular that we want to convert the documents in other formats into the PDF format. For this, we can use a powerful PDF converter called Coolmuster PDF Creator which works on Windows.

With the help of Coolmuster PDF Creator, we can convert Microsoft Word documents, plain text files, images of many types, ebook file formats (MOBI, ePub), CHM help files and HTML files to the PDF format. For all of these file formats, we get many options during the conversion.

Using Coolmuster PDF Creator is very easy. We begin by selecting a conversion method. These can be selected by clicking on the drop-down list box. We can select from Word to PDF, ePub to PDF, Image to PDF, HTML to PDF, Mobi to PDF, TXT to PDF, and CHM to PDF.

Coolmuster PDF Creator

Next we have to select and add the non-PDF files to the list. We can add individual files to the list. We can also add the entire folder containing the non-PDF files. Once these files have been added, we can choose the basic properties for the PDF files which are going to be produced.

We can select the page size such as A4, or a customized page size. We can also set the document margins for the PDF file. By default, it sets 10 mm for all the edges of the PDF file. Finally, we can select the output folder and click on the  Start button. This will create the new PDF files containing the same content as the source documents.

The generated PDF files are compatible with all the PDF viewer applications. They preserve original text content, layout and formatting, images, fonts, and the hyperlinks. The images are compressed in such a way as not to lose the quality.

You can download Coolmuster PDF Creator from