How to Recover Deleted Files with File Scavenger

File Scavenger is a powerful data recovery software for Windows. It can help you recover your deleted files from a number of storage devices such as the hard disk drive, solid state drive, USB flash drives, pen drives, external hard drives, memory cards and more.

File Scavenger is designed to work in the portable mode. In addition can be installed on your Windows PC. If you are trying to recover files from the hard disk drive or solid state drive, then you can run File Scavenger in the portable mode. This prevents the lost data from being overwritten.

File Scavenger

File Scavenger offers two types of scanning – quick scan and long scan. The quick scanning mode is faster and can show the results in just a few seconds. But the long scanning mode is more thorough and takes a much longer time.

Before you start the scanning, you can choose the file types to scan by supplying the wild card filenames. Similarly, we can also choose a location to be scanned. For the target location we can choose a drive or even a folder.

File Scavenger

After the scanning is finished, you will see a long list of the deleted files that File Scavenger has found on your storage drive. You can see a preview of these files which is displayed in a separate window. You can select all the files which you want to restore.

After making a selection of the files, you can switch to the “Save” tab. You have to select a folder where the files are to be saved. You can then click on the “Save” button to start restoring the files.

File Scavenger

File Scavenger is very easy to use. It has a wizard like user interface which takes you from one step to another while explaining all the steps. The software also has a help file for detailed help related to all the steps.

You can download File Scavenger from