How to Reload All Tabs in Firefox with Just One Click

There are so many websites which we want to reload from time to time. We can easily refresh these sites in Mozilla Firefox by pressing the F5 button on the keyboard. We can also click on the “Refresh” button in the toolbar of the web browser. These options are available in all the browsers like Firefox.

While refreshing one or two tabs in Firefox is fairly easy, if we want to refresh/reload dozens of open tabs, then it can be a little overwhelming. Fortunately, there is an extension for Firefox using which we can reload all the open tabs in Mozilla Firefox web browser in just a single click.

After the installation of the “Reload All Tabs” extension in Mozilla Firefox browser, we can pin the extension icon in the Firefox toolbar for easy access. Now whenever you want to reload the tabs in Firefox, you can click on the icon in the Firefox toolbar.

Reload All Tabs

In the settings for “Reload All Tabs”, we can choose not to reload some tabs depending on the a few conditions. For example, we can prevent the reloading an active tab, we can prevent the tabs which are pinned, we can prevent the reloading of the tab if it is in the incognito mode, we can avoid the reloading of the tab if it is discarded, we can tell it not to reload a tab if any media is playing in that tab, and more.

Reload All Tabs

In addition, we can also tell the extension to use the local cache when tabs are being reloaded. If we do not set this option, the tabs are hard-reloaded and the resources are fetched from the servers once again. If you are reloading dozens of the tabs, then it can make Firefox download all the resources all over again.

You can get the “Reload All Tabs” from