How to Show Battery Percentage on Windows 11 Taskbar

If you are running Windows operating system installed on a laptop or notebook computer, you can see the battery status in the notification area. If the battery is missing or faulty then it shows an empty battery icon with a red cross on it. If the battery is charging then it shows a battery icon with an AC plug over it. But in any case, Windows does not display the current battery charge level in terms of the percentage. If you hover your mouse cursor over the battery icon, only then the battery charge percentage is shown.

With the help of an open-source application called “eleven-percent” we can easily show the battery icon along with the battery charge percentage. It is a very simple application and does not have many options or any user interface. When we launch “eleven-percent” by double-clicking on eleven-percent.exe, the battery icon is displayed with the percentage of the battery charge.

Eleven Percent

The application does not give many options because it is a very simple application. But we can right-click on the battery icon in the notification area and choose to make it always run at the Windows startup. If you choose this option, this application will run automatically at the Windows startup. This makes it very convenient to display the battery charge percentage without manually running the application.

The only other feature that is available for this application is to exit it. For this, you can right-click on the notification area and choose Exit. As expected, it exits this program and the battery icon with percentage is removed.

If you are finding it annoying that battery percentage is not displayed on the battery icon, then you can use this open-source application. It is designed to work with Windows 11 but it also works with Windows 10.

You can download “eleven-percent” from