Offset : Create Volume Backups of Any Storage Device

Offset is an open-source volume backup software. It can be used to create volume backups of any storage devices attached to your Windows PC.

The Offset program is a portable application. It can be run without being installed on your Windows computer. It can make entire drive backups byte-to-byte using the Volume Shadow service available on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Before running the Offset program, you should connect the storage devices to your Windows PC. At least two storage devices are needed – the storage device which is going to be backed up, and the storage device on which the backups are going to be stored. The second device must have storage equal or larger than the source device.

Offset Volume Backup

After we launch Offset, we can select the device to be backed up from the list of drives displayed in the Offset window. After making a selection, we can choose the backup storage location by clicking on the Select button. After this all we have to do is click on the Start button and the volume backup process is started.

For the volume backup , it also gives an option to store the backup on FTP or FTPS servers. For getting one of these FTP options, you need to subscribe to a server plan offered by a hosting provider. You can get a good quality FTP service from GoDaddy. There are many other FTP server providers, but you should consider bandwidth, storage and reliability when choosing FTP service providers.

Offset Volume Backup

The only feature that is lacking from Offset is the ability to restore from the backups. But then the format of volume backups produced is VHDX which is mainly used for loading in the virtual machines. We can easily load these volume backups into VMware and also on Windows using the Disk Management console.

You can download Offset from