Noise Detector for PC : Sound Alerts for Too Much Noise

Sound noise pollution can become a problem if you are trying to focus on studies or work. Imagine trying to read Shakespeare in the midst of too much noise. This noise can be produced by many different sources such as traffic on the road, workplace noise, crowd noise in public assemblies, noise of school-kids in classrooms, noise of spectators during a match and more.

Too much noise or noise pollution can have many ill effects on everyone. It can cause hearing damage, it can result in stress & anxiety, it can impact sound sleep, it can result in cardiovascular diseases, and it can also cause cognitive impairment.

We can employ a number of methods to counter the noise sources and reduce the noise pollution. As far as a school classroom is concerned, we can use a very easy tool called “Noise Detector for PC”.

Vovsoft Noise Detector

The teacher can run this application on their Windows PC in the classroom. It uses the microphone to detect the sound in the classroom. In the application window, the noise value is displayed in a sound bar using the color coded progress bar. When the sound is below noise level, it is shown as green. At higher levels of the noise, the color changes to red.

We can change the threshold level of the noise by using a slider control. When the noise level crosses the threshold, the application can play an audible alert. We can choose to play a beep as the audible alert. In addition, we can also choose a male voice saying “Shhhh…” or a female voice saying “Shhhh…”.

This is a good tool for keeping students quiet in a classroom. As soon as the students start talking , playing and making noise in the classroom, the noise will increase. When the noise crosses the threshold, it will play the audible alert and the students will sit down quietly.

You can download Noise Detector for PC from