Vovsoft System Uptime : Shows Uptime in System Tray

If you check the settings section of your Android smartphone, then you can find out some detailed information about your smartphone. One such information is the system uptime which displays the days, hours and minutes for which the Android smartphone has been running. When you restart your smartphone, this time counter gets reset. So when you restart your phone, it shows the system uptime to be 0 minute.

Similarly, the system uptime counter is available on a Windows PC too but it is not accessible to the user in a easy manner. You have to open a number of windows and then find out the system uptime buried deep in the settings. With the help of a small tool called Vovsoft System Uptime, we can make the system uptime visible on Windows too. After installing this tool, you will see the system uptime near the notification area. It shows this time counter in terms of days, hours, minutes and seconds.

Vovsoft System Uptime

In addition to the small window that displays the system uptime, it also places an icon in the notification area. We can right-click on this icon and choose the “Settings”. This will open the settings window for this tool. In the settings window, we can find the option to change the font, font color and the background color.

We can also change the transparency level of the tiny window in which the system uptime is displayed. This window can be resized and moved freely on the Windows desktop. We can also choose to display the time in the short digital format.

Vovsoft System Uptime

One benefit of finding out the system uptime is that we can find out how long it takes for a problem to occur. This way we can diagnose a system hardware related problem. We can also choose to restart the PC if it has been running for many days or weeks.

You can download Vovsoft System Uptime from https://vovsoft.com/software/vov-system-uptime/.