Solid PDF Tools : Create, Merge, Extract, Convert PDF Files

PDF files are everywhere these days. We all have to deal with PDF files almost everyday. We might be creating new PDF files, joining two or more PDF files, or printing them off a printer. For all of these PDF related operations and more, you can use a PDF tools suite called Solid PDF Tools.

Solid PDF Tools offers a rich collection of very useful PDF related tools. With the help of these tools we can easily convert PDF files to other formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, plaint text and more. We can also use these tools to extract data and images from the PDF files.

These set of tools allow creation of a new PDF file using three methods. Firstly, we can create a PDF using the Microsoft Word support (Microsoft Word must be installed fort this). The second method is much more popular and requires the installation of  a virtual PDF printer on your PC. Finally the third method can take your images and create a PDF file containing those images as separate pages.

Solid PDF Tools

Solid PDF Tools also comes with great many features when you are trying to scan your text documents. When you scan a new document into a PDF file with the help of Solid PDF Tools, it automatically performs OCR and generates text data for each of the scanned images. This way, you get a PDF file with searchable text.

These tools can also be used to password protect your PDF files. It uses a very strong cipher (AES 256 bit) for the purpose of encrypting the data inside the PDF files. We can also use Solid PDF Tools for combining multiple PDF files into a single PDF, extracting data from a PDF file, rearranging the pages of a PDF file, or compressing a PDF file in order to reduce its size.

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