UltraMon : Powerful Tool for Multi-Monitor PC Setup

Many developers, graphics designers, video editing professionals, and stock market investors like to have multi-monitor PC setup. In this kind of arrangement, we connect two or more computer screens to the same PC. This helps us work with and focus on different applications at the same time. We do not have to use Alt+Tab hotkey again and again to switch back and forth between various applications. For example, you can have Adobe Illustrator running on one screen, Adobe PhotoShop on the second screen and video conferencing software like Skype on the third monitor.

The very first requirement of such a setup is that you have a graphics card that allows multiple HDMI or other ports. Then your PC hardware must be good enough to handle running of many applications so that you can use them on different screens. Finally, you can make the most of the multiple-monitor setup using a software like UltraMon.

UltraMon is a powerful software for a multiple monitor system configuration. This tool gives us access to features which we might not find in the Windows settings. For example, we can choose to mirror the screen in the second monitor. This is very useful if your second screen is routed to projector.


After the installation, UltraMon sits in the notification area of Windows Desktop. We can right-click on the notification area icon and access many more options. From here we find functions to manage windows and arrange them. We can cascade the open windows, we can tile them vertically or horizontally.

We can set one which monitor is primary and which one is secondary. We can enable or disable the secondary monitor. We can set a different wallpaper for different monitors. Similarly, we can choose a separate screensaver to be used for different monitors.

UltraMon is a very useful tool with a rich set of features when working a dual monitor computer configuration. It does not slow down the PC and has a very low system resource usage.

You can download UltraMon from https://www.realtimesoft.com/ultramon/.