Vovsoft Markdown Converter : Changes Markdown to HTML

There are many different ways to format the text when working on a computer. In a word processor like Microsoft Word, proprietary document formatting is used. But when we want to use plain-text methods then we can categorize the formatting methods as markdown and markup.

In the markdown formatting, we use plain text characters to format the text. It is extremely easy to use and many different programs can easily interpret these markdown documents. For example, in order to add the heading to a document, we can use the pound character (#).

On the other hand markup formatting uses some special tags or other notations. The most popular markup language is HTML. A simple example in HTML for adding heading is using the <H1> tag. In HTML, we have to use both the start and end tags.

Vovsoft Markdown Converter

If you have a markdown document and want to convert it into HTML markup document, then you can use Vovsoft Markdown Converter. It is a small Windows application in which we can quickly convert the markdown text.

In this application, we have to first load the source markdown file by clicking on the Load File button. Instead of loading the text file, we can also type the markdown text. After this we have to select one of the dialects used for markdown formatting. The CommonMark dialect works for most of the markdown files or text. It supports CommonMark, TxtMark, and DaringFireball markdown dialects.

Finally we can click on the Convert button and it will display the converted the HTML code on the right-side. We can also see how the HTML code looks when rendered in a web browser by switching to the Preview tab. We can save the HTML file by clicking on the Save File button.

You can download Vovsoft Markdown Converter from https://vovsoft.com/software/markdown-converter/.