Vovsoft Video Manager for PC : Organize Videos Efficiently

These days everyone has high quality video cameras in their smartphones. In addition, we can also buy the action cameras from Amazon at a very affordable price. The overall effect of always carrying one or other type of cameras is that our memory cards and hard drives are full of pictures and videos.

With thousands of videos it makes sense to find an easy-to-use software such as Vovsoft Video Manager for organizing them. It is a software for Windows computers that makes it extremely easy to organize or find your videos.

Vovsoft Video Manager for PC is designed just like the Windows File Explorer. But compared to the File Explorer, it is very simple and has none of the confusing functions. We can select a folder or drive in the Video Manager and it will display the video files with large icons or large thumbnails. With the help of these thumbnails we can quickly  navigate through a large video collection and find the video that we are looking for. In addition, it also displays the video titles under the thumbnails.

Vovsoft Video Manager

When we find the videos that we have been looking for, we can simple double-click on their thumbnails or icons. This will launch the video in the default video player that is installed on your Windows PC. For example, if you have installed VLC Media Player as the default video player on your PC, then the selected video will be player in VLC Media Player.

Vovsoft Video Manager for PC is definitely much much faster than the File Explorer. It can fetch the videos in a fraction of seconds along with the respective thumbnails. If you are a YouTuber and have zillions of videos created by your own cameras, then you are surely going to find this software very useful.

You can download Vovsoft Video Manager for PC from https://vovsoft.com/software/video-manager/.