AKVIS Frames : Decorate Photos with Beautiful Frames

Holiday season is upon us and for sure we are all going to click many photos with our family members and friends during these holidays. After taking the photos, we can make them look even better by adding frames.

While adding a frame to a photograph is a matter of personal choice, it does make the pictures look more appealing. A carefully selected frame can add more meaning to the photograph. For example, if you add a frame containing palm trees to your photo, it enhances the “vacations in the Bahamas” theme for the photos.

For adding a frame to your photos, you can use a freeware called AKVIS Frames. It is completely free software but you have to register it with a license key that is sent to your email address. If you supply a GMail email address then you get this email key very fast.

AKVIS Frames

The software comes with a free frames pack which contains many beautiful frames ready to be applied. But you can buy many more frames packs from the website of the developer. In addition to the theme pack that comes with the software package, there is yet another free theme pack available for download from their website.

In the software, you can add the frames very easily to your photos. For adding the frames, you can begin by adding the photos to the AKVIS Frames window. After selecting a photo, we can start selecting the frames. The frames are displayed in the sidebar and are categorized by their packs. Each pack is shown under a different folder.

We can resize the photos to appear better in the frames, we can move their position and orientation. The edited photos can be conveniently be saved in any popular image file format. In addition to adding the frames, we can also add text, logo and watermark to the photos.

You can download AKVIS Frames from https://akvis.com/en/frames/download.php.