How to Use Firefox Relay in Google Chrome Browser

Mozilla Firefox introduced Firefox Relay service a while back and wrote a blog post introducing the various features of Firefox Relay. Basically it is another tool from Mozilla to defend the user privacy by providing disposable email addresses for the user.

We begin by installing the Firefox Relay extension in the Firefox web browser and by logging in using our Mozilla account. A Mozilla account can be created by anyone for free by visiting

In the Firefox Relay options, we are able to generate five disposable email addresses which can be used anywhere online. When an email is sent to these email addresses, we get the email message on our email address which was used to create the Firefox account.

Firefox Relay for Chrome

Now the same feature is available for the Google Chrome users. For this we can find and install the “Firefox Relay” extension in the Chrome browser from the Chrome Webstore. After installing this extension, we have to sign-in using our Mozilla account.

Once you have signed in to Firefox Relay, you can click on its icon the toolbar and choose to generate masks. The mask is another way of saying a disposable email address that points to your real email address. A person can create five such masks using a single Mozilla account.

Firefox Relay for Chrome

In the settings for the Firefox Relay, we can choose to display the Firefox Relay icon in the email fields on various websites. This option helps us quickly fill in the masked email address from Firefox Relay when we have to fill in the email address.

While there are some other websites with a similar feature, Firefox Relay is much more reliable as it is backed by Mozilla. In addition, it comes with extra features such as the ability to remove email trackers. We can use it without fearing any safety concerns. But we should not use masked email addresses on websites that are already well known for respecting user privacy.

You can get the Firefox Relay extension for the Chrome browser from