Colors Lite : Easily Select Colors from PC Screen

When working with graphics editors or when coding HTML, sometimes we have to pick a color from the screen. For this usually the tools are already present in the graphics or web editor software. But for making the process even more convenient we can use a third party application called Colors Lite.

Colors Lite is a small Windows application that allows the user to select any color from any pixel displayed on the computer screen. This way we can pick the color from an image that is going to be used in a website. Similarly, we can quickly find the HTML color code for the selected color. It can also display the HEX and RGB color codes.

In the user interface of Colors Lite, we can click on the Pick from Screen button and then select the pixel from the screen. We can select the color of any pixel whether it is from a window, from a video being played or an image being displayed on your screen. The selected pixel is instantly displayed in the Colors Lite window.

Colors Lite

For the selected pixel, we can see the various color values in many different models. It supports RGB, CMYK, HSV, and HLS color models. Underneath these color model values, we can also see the coded values in terms of RGB, HEX and HTML code. We can click on these codes to copy the codes to the clipboard. Once copied to the clipboard, we can use them in any application as we want.

In the settings we can choose which format of the color codes are to be copied to the clipboard as soon as a pixel is selected. We can also choose the pixel size for the color picker. The usual size for the color picker is 1×1 pixels.

Colors Lite

Colors Lite is a small portable application for picking colors from the screen. It works on any Windows version starting from Windows 2K and above.

You can download Colors Lite from