GiMeSpace Power Control : Auto-Switch Power Schemes

On a Windows PC, there are many power schemes available which can be selected depending on how you are planning to use the computer. There is a power saving scheme, there is a high performance power scheme, there is a balanced scheme and there could be more schemes installed by the manufacturer of your PC. For example, the Lenovo laptops usually have an economy or eco-mode power scheme.

No matter how many power schemes are available on your Windows PC, you cannot switch to them quickly as soon as you want to start working on some task.  With the help of GiMeSpace Power Control, we get the ability of dynamically switch to a suitable power scheme depending on the CPU load. This way we can switch to a power saver scheme when CPU has been idle for some time. And when we start working on the PC, the CPU load will spike up making GiMeSpace Power Control switch to a high performance power scheme.

GiMeSpace Power Control

In the GiMeSpace Power Control user interface, we can set the conditions for switching between the schemes. We can select the low power scheme and the high power scheme. We can select the high CPU usage threshold and the low CPU usage threshold for switching to the high power and low power schemes respectively. In the default settings the low CPU usage is set to 20% and the high CPU usage threshold is set to 75%.

In the settings for GiMeSpace Power Control, we can also choose the time frequency at which it checks for the CPU usage level. It should not be set to very large or very small interval. In addition, it can also automatically switch to the power saving scheme if the CPU reaches a high temperature of 90° Celsius.

All in all, GiMeSpace Power Control can help you save power on your computer. It is specially useful for notebook computers as they operate on batteries.

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