CS Easy Unlocker : Quickly Unlock Folders on Windows

So many times we try to delete a folder, but Windows comes up with an “Access denied” error. The description of the error explains that the folder is busy in a particular program or a process is using the folder. If you are lucky the problem can be due to a file open that resides in that folder. In that case you can simply close that file and will be able to delete that folder easily. But if this is not the problem, then we have to use special programs like CS Easy Unlocker. It is a Windows application that can effortlessly unlock the folders locked by various other processes.

Using CS Easy Unlocker is very easy. It is a portable program so there is no need of installing anything on your Windows PC. As you launch this program, you are presented with a small window in which you have to enter the folder to be unlocked.

CS Easy Unlocker

For selecting the folder, you can click on the “Browse” button and choose the folder on which you want to operate. Once a folder has been selected, you can click on the “Unlock” folder and it will begin the process of unlocking that folder. If the process is not successful, it might ask you to re-launch the CS Easy Unlocker using the administrator level privileges. For this, you can right-click on the CS Easy Unlocker tool and choose “Run as administrator” from the context-menu.

CS Easy Unlocker tool makes use of some of the very advanced algorithms to bypass access limitations and ownership issues. This results in granting you full and complete control over your folders and the files inside them. After this, you can continue to move or delete that folder. It is the easiest method for unlocking the folders. It works on Windows 10 or Windows 11 systems.

You can download CS Easy Unlocker from https://computersluggish.com/downloads/cs-easy-unlocker/.