How to Copy Links Without Site Tracking in Firefox Browser

Mozilla Firefox web browser has always surprised the users every time a major version update is released. In the latest version 120 of the Firefox web browser, they have added a new feature which allows for copying links without the site tracking information.

When you search for something on the Internet, the links displayed in the search results usually include an extra part in their URLs. This extra part appended at the end is not really necessary for the links to work and is mainly for tracking the links. The tracker part tells the search engines which links were clicked on and how a user was spending the time on various sites.

While not many care about tracking or avoiding the tracking in this way, some people are privacy conscious. For those people, this new feature is going to be very useful.

For copying the links without any site tracking, we can simply right-click on a link and then choose the option Copy Link Without Site Tracking. Of course, for this to work you must have Firefox version 120 or above.

Copy Link without Site Tracking in Firefox

If you want to know what this does in the background, you have to first copy the link normally. This can be done by right-clicking on a link and choosing “Copy Link” from the context-menu. You can paste this link in Windows Notepad.

Afterwards, you can try copying the same link using the new method. For this, you can right-click on that link and choose “Copy link without site tracking”. Once again, paste this copied link in the Windows Notepad on the next line.

Now you can see for yourself how the first link contained the extra parts appended to the main link. But the in the second copied link, all of this extraneous data which is used to tracks the users has been stripped off.