OutlookAccountView : Retrieve Outlook Profile Passwords

There are many popular email client software available for the Windows users. One of these is Mozilla Thunderbird which I personally prefer to use. But some Microsoft Office users also love the Microsoft Outlook as it offers many more features and is well integrated with the rest of the Office applications.

If you had configured an email account to work with Microsoft Outlook, but have forgotten the associated password then we can use OutlookAccountsView to retrieve those passwords.

OutlookAccountsView is a small portable Windows application that can be used to view the details of all the Outlook accounts on a Windows PC. In addition to retrieving information about the Outlook accounts on the local PC, it can also fetch information about the Outlook accounts from a remote PC or an external storage drive.


When we launch this application, it shows the options in which we can choose if the information is present on the local PC, a remote computer or an external storage drive. Depending on the options selected we might have to provide more information. For example, in the case of the remote computer, we have to give the login password and the computer name. Instead of the plain text login password, you can also use the SHA1 hash of the password.

OutlookAccountsView displays a lot of information about the Outlook accounts found configured inside the Windows Registry. For each of the profiles, it shows the account name, the display name, email, user name, password, profile name, server address, server type, server port and the Registry key.


You can repeat the process for different sources where the Outlook profile information is stored. The displayed information can be copy-pasted in other applications like Excel. We can also export the Outlook profile information to files such as HTML, CSV, XML, JSON etc.

You can download OutlookAccountView from https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/outlook_accounts_view.html.