How to Create GPX File from Google Maps Directions

GPX files (GPS Exchange files) are usually created by GPS tracking devices used by cyclists. They contain a whole lot of information about a particular track or route. We can load GPX files in software like GPXSee to plot that track on the world map.

But what if we want to use the ease of working with Google Maps on our desktop PC and then extract GPX file from it. Google Maps does not have any option to create or download such files. But with the help of a Google Chrome extension called GMaps2GPX, we can easily create the GPX file and download it.

Here is how we can easily create a GPX file from Google Maps directions on your PC:

  1. First of all you have to install GMaps2GPX extension in your Chrome web browser. This extension works only in the Chrome web browser so if you are using some other web browser, you should first install the Chrome web browser. It also works for Chromium based browsers.
  2. Now launch the Chrome web browser, click on the GMaps2GPX icon and login using your Google account. This is required for this extension to work. Google Maps to GPX
  3. Now you can try searching for some directions in Google Maps. For example, you can search how to go to the Chinatown in the New York city from the Little Italy (also in the New York city).
  4. As soon as the directions are displayed in the map, GMaps2GPX extension will also display a small download link for the GPX file. You can either download the GPX file to your PC or you can email it to yourself.

The downloaded GPX file is fully compatible with all the GPX tracking devices and software programs. We can load it easily in any of them to reveal the coordinates and routes for reaching the particular places.

You can get the GMaps2GPX extension for Chrome web browser from