Clipboardic : Clipboard Enhancement Utility for Windows

Every operating system has a clipboard which is used to copy the data temporarily. We all have used the clipboard on a Windows PC through the hotkeys Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. The Ctrl+C key combination is used to copy something to the clipboard. And then we can paste the copied data in other programs using the hotkey Ctrl+V.

Many people find this clipboard function inadequate as the old data is lost as soon as the new data is copied. Sometimes when accidentally copy the data to the clipboard, we instantly regret losing the data that was present in the clipboard.

Because of this limitation, many users of the Windows PC depend on third party tools like Clipboardic. It is a small tool for saving the clipboard data to a file. This way it eliminates the volatile nature of the clipboard data.


All you have to do is launch Clipboardic and keep it running in the background. Now whenever you copy something to the clipboard, Clipboardic will notice the change in the clipboard data. It then saves a copy of the clipboard data into a local file with extension CLP. If you keep copying data to the clipboard, it will keep creating new CLP files. These CLP files are saved in the same folder where Clipboardic executable resides.

All of these clipboard entries are displayed in a list in the Clipboardic window. We can choose to save them to a local file or copy them to the clipboard. We can find many more options for the entries in the list by right-clicking on the list. These options include ability to generate an HTML report about the items in the list.

Clipboardic can help us by saving all the clipboard data to local files. These small clipboard files (CLP) do not take much space on the hard drive. This ways we can save an unlimited number of clipboard entries.

You can download Clipboardic from