Increase Volume in Firefox with Better Volume Booster

When listening to music online on various streaming services like Spotify, sometimes we wish that we could increase the volume further. But since we cannot increase the volume more than 100%, we are usually stuck with fiddling with the volume dial of the Bluetooth speakers.

A similar situation arises when watching TV shows and movies on online streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. It is not very much fun watching a horror movie without being able to hear the smallest of the murmurs and whispers.

With the help a Firefox add-on called “Better Volume Booster” we can increase the volume of media playing in the Firefox web browser fairly easily. This extension can be used to boost the volume both globally and for specific sites. When we boost the volume globally, it applies to all the open tabs.

After installing the extension in the Firefox web browser, it is better to pin its icon to the toolbar. We can then access the volume controls by clicking on this icon whenever we want.

Firefox Better Volume Booster

When we are on a website where media is playing, clicking on the icon of “Better Volume Control” shows two volume controls. One volume control is for global volume levels and the second one is for that particular tab. We can choose  either the global or the tab specific volume control.

If you click on the icon of “Better Volume Control” when you are not a tab that has no media, then you are going to see only the global volume control.

In the settings for this extension, we can choose to clear the settings stored for the various different sites. This also resets all the settings (volume levels) back to the default levels.

Firefox Better Volume Booster

According to the developer, this extension might not work as expected when playing music on DRM sites. But it works fine on all many other media streaming sites such as YouTube.

You can get the Better Volume Booster extension from