MP3 Diags : Diagnose and Fix Problems in MP3 Collection

Even though Spotify has made all the other ways of listening to music obsolete, some people still maintain their old MP3 collection. They keep their MP3 files safely stored on old hard disk drives or even on old CDs. But when you try to access this MP3 collection, sometimes we get a shock to learn that the MP3 files have become corrupt.

With the help of an open-source tool called MP3 Diags, we can easily find and fix problems related to the MP3 files. It works for a large number of MP3 files on your storage drives. But it can also work for a single MP3 file.

As we launch the MP3 Diags tool, we have to select the folder where our MP3 files are stored. We can select more than one folder. We can select folders from different drives. We also have to decide whether to create a backup of the MP3 files before modifying them. This is a good idea to create a backup as it is going to modify the files during the repair of the MP3 data.

MP3 Diags

After scanning the MP3 files, it shows a list of your MP3 files along with the problems discovered for them. It shows whether the ID3v2 tag is included with an MP3 file or if it is missing. If the ID3v2 tag is included, then it shows error if the APIC frame for the album art is missing. It can find out if an MP3 file is of low quality. It also shows whether normalization information is included in the MP3 file.

It can also repair a single MP3 file. For this we have to first select the MP3 file and then use the hammer icon from the toolbar. This tool can find the problems with an MP3 file. It can repair the bit rate, check for the broken tags and can also correct the header.

You can download MP3 Diags from