MP3Gain : Normalize Volume of MP3 Files Losslessly

So many people make YouTube videos everyday and they all have their own style of making the videos. Not only the content is different for all of them, the tools used for producing them are also different. Many YouTubers have the habit of recording the audio separately using a better microphone. When you record and save the audio this way into an MP3 file format, the audio volume needs to be normalized.

If an audio file has too loud volume, its volume needs to be lowered. Similarly, if an audio file has very low volume level, then its volume level has to be boosted. This process is called volume normalization of the audio files.

For normalizing the audio volume level of any MP3 file, we can use an open-source tool called MP3Gain. This tool has  a drag and drop user interface which allows for easy adding of the MP3 files to its list. We can also add MP3 files by clicking on the “Add Files” button in the toolbar. We can also add a large number of files by clicking on the “Add Folder” button.


After adding all the MP3 files, we have to click on the “Track Analysis” button. This will analyze the tracks and display all of their individual volume levels in terms of decibels.

For normalizing the volume, we can set a normal volume level which is 89.0 decibels by default. This is perfect level and should not be changed unless there is particular reason for a specific track.

Finally, we can click on “Track Gain” button in the toolbar and it will slowly change the volume levels for all the tracks one by one. It will also store the metadata regarding the track gain for future reference. A software like MP3 Diags can read this metadata and use it for diagnosis.

You can download MP3Gain from