MyRecover : Advanced Data Recovery Software for Windows PC

MyRecover is a comprehensive data recovery software for Windows computers. It can recover the lost data in all situations except when the data was securely erased. It can recover the lost data in just three steps. It can recover your data from any hard disk drive or solid state drive successfully. It works for all versions of Windows starting from Windows  7.

While many data recovery professionals begin by asking you how you ended up losing your data, MyRecover doesn’t care how you lost the data. You may have lost the data due to disk formatting, accidental deletion, system crash due to power failure, or malware infection, MyRecover attempts to recover your data in all cases.

MyRecover can look for all kinds of lost or deleted files. It supports data recovery of many common file formats such as text files, audio files, video files, compressed archives, email messages from an email client and more. When these files are recovered, they are restored in their original file formats.


MyRecover employs a highly advanced scanning technology developed by AOMEI. It can scan your drives using two methods – quick scanning and deep scanning. The quick scanning is useful for scanning the drives for lost data in  a very small duration of time. On the other hand the deep scanning takes a much longer time but is much more thorough in finding out the lost data.

As mentioned before using MyRecover is extremely easy and involves just three steps. After launching MyRecover, you can select the disk or partition from which you want to recover the data and click on the “Start Scan” button. Once the scanning produces the results, we can select which of the files we want to recover and then click on the “Recover files” button.


While some other data recovery solutions can recover data only when you have accidentally deleted files, MyRecover goes a step beyond the usual methods. It can recover data even when the disks have been formatted. In addition, it can recover lost partitions, recover data from the recycle bin, recover data after a system crash, and even after going through an episode of malware or ransomware attack.

You can download MyRecover from