PDF to Text Converter : Instantly Extract Text from PDF

PDF files have become so common these days that even the simplest of the documents are available in the PDF format. Some of the documents that would have been better in the plain text formats since they do not use any formatting are also available in their PDF format.

This is why many times we think of extracting the PDF files into their plain text format. For this simple function we can use any PDF viewer application such as Adobe PDF Reader or Foxit PDF Reader. I personally prefer Sumatra PDF Viewer as it is very lightweight and is also available in the portable format.

But if you want to use a dedicated application for extracting the text from the PDF files then you can use Vovsoft PDF to Text Converter. It is a small tool which has only one function – to convert PDF files into the text format. In its user interface, we can  begin by loading PDF files.

Vovsoft PDF to Text Converter

For loading the PDF files, we have to click on the File menu and select “Load PDF files” from there. After selecting the PDF files, it will instantly extract the text content from the PDF and display it in the window. All of the information is displayed with the line numbers for easy reference.

We can save the text displayed as TXT files if needed. If the displayed information as any inaccuracies then you can edit them and save the edited version as TXT files.

Vovsoft PDF to Text Converter

In the settings for the Vovsoft PDF to Text Converter, we can choose the PDF engines to be used for extracting the text from the PDF files. There are two engines available Xpdf and PDFium. These engines are built-in the application itself and we do not need any internet connection for it to work.

You can download PDF to Text Converter from https://vovsoft.com/software/pdf-to-text-converter/.