Vovsoft Website Watcher : Monitor Websites Periodically

Many of us start our work day by checking the updates on various websites. What is the latest news and what is happening in the world is usually on our mind in the morning. For this, some of us monitor the website feeds for news sites or sites specific to our work niche. But checking sites one at a time to see if something has been updated can be very exhausting. Instead we can use a portable tool for carrying out all the boring work of watching the websites for updates.

Using a software called Vovsoft Website Watcher, we can find whether the websites have been updated. In this application, we can add a number of website addresses. This list of sites is not limited by any number so you can add as many links as you want. In the app, there are a few sites already added but you can also add links to particular webpages on a site.

For adding a new URL, you can click on the “Add URL” button. This opens a new window where you can add your new URL. The list of URLs can be exported to a file. This saved list can later be reloaded by clicking on the “Load List” and “Save List” buttons.

Vovsoft Website Watcher

There are two ways to check the websites for any updates. One way is by clicking on the “Check All” button in the toolbar manually. This is basically an on-demand check for the sites. The last change time/date and the status is shown against each of the URLs in the list.

Another way to check the sites is by enabling the “Auto Check” option. In this manner, this tool can check for the updates for all the sites in the list every 60 seconds. We can change the automatic checking frequency time too.

This tool is very handy if you want to monitor a large number of sites everyday. It can save our time which would have otherwise spent on manually checking the sites.

You can download Vovsoft Website Watcher from https://vovsoft.com/software/website-watcher/.