PersistentWindows : Automatically Restore the Desktop Layout

The problem with having multiple screens is that the desktop layout keeps changing every time we switch the monitor configurations. But when you switch back to the previous configuration the desktop layout does not necessarily go back to its previous state.

For example, suppose you have some icons placed on the second monitor and then you turn off the second monitor to go back to the single monitor configuration. In this case the icons from the second monitor will come back to the first monitor. Now if you use the two monitor configuration, the icons won’t come back to the second monitor. Now you have to manually bring the icons, programs and more to the second monitor.

To avoid such headaches we can use a freeware tool called PersistentWindows. It is an open-source tool that preserves and records the desktop layouts. We can later restore these desktop layouts easily. It can even automatically restore the saved desktop layouts.


The software does not have a confusing user interface. Rather it keeps everything in the system tray. After the installation, it puts an icon in the notification area of the Windows Desktop. We can right-click on this icon and access all the options related to he programs – PersistentWindows.

From this notification area icon menu, we can choose to capture the windows to the desk, we can choose to restore the windows layout from the saved positions, you can capture a snapshot of the desktop layout and later restore the snapshot. The auto-restore feature can be turned off if so desired by the user.

PersistentWindows supports remote desktop management without depending on any particular software. It saved all the data in a small “LiteDVB” which also makes it very fast in operation for any type of monitor configurations.

You can download PersistentWindows from