TaskCanvas : Track Your Everyday Time on Windows PC

For all the computer users, it is very important to see how they are using their computer. It makes sense to find out how they are spending their time in front of their Windows PC.  This will not only help them manage their time everyday, but they will be able to avoid time wasting activities like checking Facebook posts.

In order to track your everyday activities and how you spend your time in a day on your PC, you can use a software called TaskCanvas.  As its title can suggest, this software basically paints a a picture of how you spend your time on your PC. In other works, it can graphically present your daily activities and the time spent on each of them.

TaskCanvas records the time for which various applications are used by a Windows user. It also records some other helpful information such as the documents opened, websites opened, etc. Furthermore, it also logs the active usage, idle time and CPU usage etc.


In the TaskCanvas window, everything is presented in a graphical manner. We can select the day for which we want the information and also the time range for which we want the data. It can display the charts in category view, app view or a combined view.

For any time range or for an entire day, we can check the active usage (mouse/keyboard input), the idle time, the CPU usage and more. For all the applications used, it also shows the time duration for which they were used. All of this data can be exported to be used in other programs such as Microsoft Excel.

TaskCanvas is a very productive application that can help us utilize our work time in the best way possible. We can realize the time wasting activities and focus on more work related tasks.

You can download TaskCanvas from https://www.digitalvolcano.co.uk/taskcanvas.html.