iThoughts : Mind Mapping Software for Windows and macOS

Mind mapping software is used for visualizing ideas or concepts in an easy to understand hierarchical chart. The mind maps created by these software start with a central theme and then various branches or nodes are added. Each of these branches represent different sub-categories related to the main topic.

Mind maps have become very popular when it comes to brainstorming, analyzing a problem, researching on a topic, or during the creative process for a new project. If you want a unique mind mapping software, then you can give iThoughts a try. It is available for Windows, macOS and iOS.

Just like other mind mapping software, it comes with all the tools to create the mind maps. It has all the basic tools for typing the ideas, adding elements, adding branches, adding images and icons. We can use multiple shapes and colors for the elements. It also offers a number of templates for creating the mind maps.


What makes iThoughts different is the ability to password protect the mind maps. When you password protect a mind map, it encrypts that mind map using a very strong AES 256 bit cipher. If you are creating a personal mind map or one that contains sensitive information, then this encryption becomes very helpful. We can also store encrypted mind maps on cloud storage.

If you have created a huge mind map and are unable to track it easily, then iThoughts offers a search function. We can search for the elements simply by entering the search terms in a search box. In addition, it also comes with a filtering option. When a mind map is displayed, we can add certain filters to find the elements on the map.

iThoughts supports advanced text input technologies like LaTeX. Using this, we can type in advanced mathematical formulae in the mind maps. This makes it extremely useful for scientists, engineers and students.

You can download iThoughts from