X-Fonter : Advanced Fonts Manager for Windows PC

X-Fonter is an advanced font manager for Windows PC. It is designed keeping in mind the needs of graphics designers, web developers and font collectors. This font manager is also an excellent font viewer, installer and uninstaller. If you have a fonts collection of hundreds of fonts, then you will definitely find this software very useful.

The user interface of X-Fonter shows all the fonts installed on your Windows PC. We can change the font size, we change the text that is used to display the font, and we can also perform various operations on the displayed fonts. These fonts can be filtered if you are looking for a particular font.

We can also view the fonts that have not yet been installed on the Windows PC. We can browse a folder containing the fonts. We can also browse the font collections if you have created some specific font collections. If you check a newly downloaded font but do not like it, then you can also delete that font using X-Fonter.


The software allows us to load the fonts temporarily so that they can be used in a graphics editor or any other program. We can then safely unload these fonts from Windows. These loading and unloading operations does not require the users to actually install the fonts.

If you want to install the fonts, then the program offers two forms of installation. We can install the fonts for all the users or we can install the fonts for only the current user. Depending on the type of installation, the location of installed fonts is going to change.

X-Fonter allows the users to print font overviews or character maps, customizing up to three lines of text per font for easy reference. So the next time you are looking for a font for your project, you can refer to these printed papersheets and discover the right font for your work.

You can download X-Fonter from https://www.blacksunsoftware.com/xfonter.html.