Easy System Utility : All-in-one System Tools for Windows

After using your Windows PC for a long time, you are going to find a lot of junk files on its storage drives. These junk files are saved by various programs, by the user activities and by the operating system itself. Similarly, the Windows registry keeps collecting some entries that are no longer useful. There could be some programs still installed on your PC which you no longer need.

All these unnecessary items could be making your system slow and reducing its performance. You can clean your Windows PC easily with the help of a free software called Easy System Utility. It is a software containing all the utilities needed to keep your system running smoothly.

Clean junk files from Windows

We can find and remove the junk files from our Windows system easily through the “Clean” section of this software. We get to choose the cleaning from Windows and from various third-party software. We can analyze the system to see which files are found and then clean them if necessary.

Easy System Utility

Unlock files or folders

It comes with many useful tools for working with files and folders. We can unlock files/folders that are locked by one or more processes. We can find the large folders. We can perform renaming operations on files. We can also work with image files and resize or watermark them.

Recover WiFi passwords

The software has some tools for passwords. It can find the WiFi passwords stored on your PC. It can also show you the Windows CD key used for installing the operating system. It comes with a strong password generator that has many options for generating passwords.

Repair Windows Updates

There are some repair tools in Easy System Utility. It can attempt repairing a program if it is failing to work on your PC. It can also attempt fixing errors in Windows Updates and printers. If you are not able to print for some mysterious reason, then it can help you find and fix that problem.


All in all, Easy System Utility is a very useful system utilities set for Windows users. It works for both the Windows 10 and Windows 11 users. There is a Pro version too which has many more features.

You can download Easy System Utility from https://computersluggish.com/downloads/easy-system-utility/.