AnyMP4 Data Recovery : Recover Lost Data Easily

Losing data is not a pleasant experience at all. In fact, it is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. But like a natural calamity, data loss can strike us without warning. You are using your computer and suddenly your hard disk drive stops working. The newer solid state drives (SSD) are not data loss prone either.  There could be many reasons for losing the data such as malware attack, bad software, hardware malfunction etc. The data loss can happen due to human error too.

But once we experience data loss on our Windows PC, there is no use crying over the spilled milk. We can make an attempt to recover the data lost using a software such as AnyMP4 Data Recovery. It can help the users recover the data from all kinds of the data storage devices. It can recover data from hard disk drives, solid state drives, pendrives, memory cards, microSD cards, external hard disk drives and more.

AnyMP4 Data Recovery

The user interface of AnyMP4 Data Recovery is a wizard like interface. It takes us from one step to another while explaining all the details in each of the steps. In the first step, we get to select the drives from which we want to recover the data. We also have to select the type of files that we wish to recover such as images, audio, videos, email messages, documents, and others. We can even select the Recycle Bin to recover files from.

At the first go, it performs a quick scanning of the selected drives. All the files that were discovered are listed in the program’s window. If you were unable to find the files that you were looking for, then you can perform “Deep Scan”. The deep scan takes a whole lot longer time, but it can find all the possible deleted files from the selected drives.

AnyMP4 Data Recovery is a good data recovery program and works on all the Windows 10/11 systems. It can help you recover the data conveniently for the Windows users of all the experience levels.

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