Auto-Mute Background Programs with Background Muter

Sometimes when you are watching a YouTube video, you receive a call on your favorite conferencing app such as Zoom. When you start the video call with your friends or coworkers, the video keeps playing in the background along with its sound. This becomes unprofessional if you are talking over Zoom with your clients or co-workers.

An easy solution has been presented by an open-source application called Background Muter. This tool automatically mutes all the applications in the background. Once these applications are switched to the foreground, it un-mutes them once again.

In the user interface of Background Muter, we can add exceptions. These applications which added to the list of exceptions are never muted whether they are in the background or foreground.  The user interface has an exchange list which can be used to switch the applications from the exceptions list to the list of general applications.

Background Muter

By default, it already comes with an exceptions list containing Google Chrome web browser, VideoLAN VLC Media Player, Mozilla Firefox web browser, MPC Media Player, and WWAHost (an app container for webpages).

In the settings for Background Muter, we can enable or disable the Dark mode, enable console interface, activate logger, and enable auto-start. If you enable auto-start, Background Muter will be automatically launched with Windows.

Even though the program is designed to auto-mute the applications in the background, it has setting to auto-mute minimized applications too. We can choose whether to auto-mute background applications or instead to auto-mute the minimized applications.

Background Muter is a great tool to make life easy for the Windows users who use video conferencing apps. They can  switch to their video conferencing apps without having to worry about the sound coming from the background apps. We can exclude some essential apps from being muted too.

You can download Background Muter from