Spreadsheet Combiner : Merge Excel Spreadsheets Together

Excel spreadsheets are very useful and highly used tool with accountants. They use spreadsheets to store all kind of data such as income, expense, sales, and tax etc. These spreadsheets make it very easy to store any type of numerical data in terms of columns and rows.

But through the course of a number of months, sometimes we end up having many spreadsheets. In order to combine the data from the multiple spreadsheets, we can either copy-paste the data from all the sheets into a single blank sheet. But if the spreadsheets are very large and contain thousands of rows of data, then this process becomes very cumbersome.

With the help of Spreadsheet Combiner, we can combine a large number of Excel spreadsheets together in just a number of seconds. It is yet another useful tool from Vovsoft Software. It comes with a very easy to user interface. We can begin by adding all the Excel spreadsheet files to its list.

Vovsoft Spreadsheet Combiner

We can add three types of files – XLS, XLSX and CSV. All these contain rows and columns of data. In addition to Microsoft Excel, these data files are supported by OpenOffice or LibreOffice too. We can choose individual files or an entire folder containing these spreadsheet files.

There are many options for merging these files together. We can choose to merge all the files into a single huge spreadsheet. But if you think a single giant file is not easy to handle or open in Microsoft Excel, then you can also merge them into many spreadsheets. For example you can take 30 small spreadsheets and merge them into 5 larger spreadsheets.

During the merging, we can choose to remove the formatting and decide to go with plain text. Clicking on the “Combine” button will merge the files according to the options. And then you can save the merged Excel sheet anywhere on your Windows PC..

You can download Spreadsheet Combiner from https://vovsoft.com/software/spreadsheet-combiner/.