Geekersoft Compressor : Tool for Image and Video Compression

Whether it is the images that we want to compress or the video files which need compression, we can use Geekersoft Compressor. It is a Windows application that offers near lossless compression of all kinds of image files and the video files. The software offers very fast compression and produces highly compressed files. It also offers batch compression of thousands of files in a single go.

The user interface of the Geekersoft Compressor is very well designed. In its main window, we get two options – one for compression of the images and another for the video compression. We can use image file formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP for image compression. Similarly, we can use more than 100 video file formats for video compression.

Geekersoft Compressor

For the image compression, we begin by adding at least one image to the list. As soon as we add an image, it starts to process it. In the user interface of its window, we get the preview of the image before compression and the preview after the compression. We can also change the compression level ratio of the images.

Geekersoft Compressor

The video compression feature works in a similar manner. We begin by adding the video which we want to compress. It is going to take first 10 seconds of the added video, analyze it and compress it. Then we can see the preview play of the first 10 seconds of the original video and the first 10 seconds after the compression. We can change the output format and the compression ratio for the video.

Geekersoft Compressor

Geekersoft Compressor supports batch compression of both the images and the videos. We can compress a large number of image files in just a few seconds. The fast compression is offered through the use of advanced libraries and algorithms. This is also true when we want to compress the video files. The video compression is also as fast and at the same time the compression ratio is also very high.

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