FoneDog Data Recovery : Easily Recover Deleted Files

Accidentally deleting files from the hard drives is nothing new and we all have encountered this problem. This can happen even on electronic devices such as mobile phones or digital cameras. By mistake we might end up deleting the wrong images or videos. No matter which type of storage device the files have been deleted from, we can use FoneDog Data Recovery to recover the deleted files.

FoneDog Data Recovery has advanced algorithms that can quickly and safely recover the deleted images, videos, audio files, email messages, documents and more. It works with all kinds of storage devices such as memory cards, hard disk drives, solid state drives, pen drives, external USB storage, microSD cards, digital cameras and more. It can recover deleted files even from the Recycle Bin. It works on Windows PC as well as on Mac.

FoneDog Data Recovery

This data recovery software offers three step recovery of your deleted files. In the first step, we begin by selecting the data type and the location of the lost data. For the data type, we can choose from images, audio, video, email, document, and others. For the data location, we can choose from any of the available drives. This is why it is important to attach a drive to your PC before launching FoneDog Data Recovery.

In the second step, we click on the “Scan” button and wait until it finishes scanning your selected drives. It will scan the selected locations for some time and display the results. If you do not see the files you were looking for, then you can proceed with deep scanning.

FoneDog Data Recovery

In the third and final step, you can select the files in the found files list and then click on the “Recover” button to recover them. You will have to select a destination where these files are to be saved.

FoneDog Data Recovery is a very effcient data recovery software. It covers all kinds of data loss except physical damage. It works flawlessly on all versions of Windows from XP to 11.

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