How to Disable Mozilla Firefox Browser Quit Shortcut

Mozilla Firefox web browser has stayed the most liked web browser for the security and privacy conscious people all over the world. It is no surprise that Tor (The Onion Router) uses Firefox for their highly encrypted browser project.

When working with Firefox, we have to type a lot and during the typing we use many shortcut keys such as Crl+C or Ctrl+V. But sometimes by mistake we also end up using the hotkey Ctrl+Shft+Q which is the shortcut key to quit Firefox. This is when Firefox windows close and we feel surprised as to what happened.

This is a big problem especially if you are browsing the Internet using the Privacy Mode through the private windows. In this mode, Firefox clears your search and browsing history when you close all the private windows. So if you accidentally close Firefox, you won’t be able to restore the session for the private mode.

In order to avoid these problems, we can simply disable the Firefox quit shortcut key (Ctrl+Shift+Q). Here is how we can easily disable the quit shortcut for the Mozilla Firefox web browser:

  1. Launch Firefox browser and enter about:config in its address bar.
  2. Click on the button labeled Accept the risk and continue to proceed.
  3. In the search box enter browser.quitShortcut.disabled to find this setting.Disable Firefox Quit Shortcut Key
  4. When this setting appears, double-click on it to set its value to true.
  5. Close the Firefox web browser and restart it for the settings to take effect.Disable Firefox Quit Shortcut Key

When you relaunch the Firefox web browser, you can check whether the quit shortcut has been disabled or not in two ways. First, you can pull down the File menu in Firefox and see if Ctrl+Shift+Q is written next to the Exit menu. For pulling down this Firefox File menu, you have to first press Alt and then F.

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