Sunny : Easy to Use Free Screenshot Capture Software

When we are using an Android smartphone, then it is very easy to take the screenshot by swiping the screen down with three fingers. All flavors of Android also offer some  screenshot editing features. But the same is not true for Windows. We can take screenshot using PrintScreen key on a Windows PC, but for saving, editing or annotating this screenshot we have to use some third-party tools.

With the help of Sunny, an open-source screenshot software, we can capture the screen and save it as an image file without much effort. It also comes with a full set of the tools for editing and annotating the screenshot.

Sunny comes in both a portable program format and as a setup installer. In either case, it places an icon in the notification area of the Windows taskbar. We can right-click on this icon and choose Capture from the menu to initiate taking of a screenshot.

Sunny Capture

This will turn you screen into a large selectable area. You can draw a big rectangle to capture that rectangular area into a screenshot. For full-screen capture, you can simply press Enter to capture the whole screen. Immediately after you have taken a screenshot, you will see the editing tools appear on your screen.

Sunny Capture

From the simple editor, you can use tools to draw geometric figures like a rectangle, a line or a circle. You can draw arrows or pointers,  you can add text, highlighters, serial numbers, mosaic blur and more. It also comes with tools to OCR the text in the screenshot and even translate the selected text into a languages of your choice. The screenshot can be saved into a JPEG or PNG file. We can also choose to copy the screenshot to the clipboard for using with other third-party software.

You can download Sunny from