How to Enable or Disable AI Services in Opera One Browser

Opera One is the latest version of the Opera web browser. It comes with a brand new design and loaded with many more features than the previous versions. One of the most talked about features of the Opera One browser is the inclusion of the AI Services.

It comes with support for the three most popular AI services – OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Opera’s Aria and ChatSonic. All these are AI chatbots that understand natural human language. We can ask them questions about everything and anything. However, they all have certain limitations and all of them require an account to start using them.

If you are using Opera One web browser, then you can easily enable or disable one or more of these AI services. Here is how this is done in seconds:

  1. Launch Opera One web browser and enter opera://settings/vpn in its address bar. You can also use the hotkey Alt+P to open the Opera settings and then select Features from the displayed categories.
  2. Scroll down the settings page until you see the AI Services section.Opera AI Services
  3. Here you can enable or disable Aria, ChatGPT and ChatSonic by clicking on the toggle switch next to them. Optionally, you can also choose to enable Aria for selected text in the browser.
  4. Close the settings window and start using the AI services. Their icons appears in the Opera sidebar.

Only Aria can be used for working with the selected or highlighted text on a webpage. Once this option is enabled, you can try selecting a word or phrase and Opera will display possible AI functions to be used on the selected text.

Aria is built on Opera’s own AI engine while other two are third-party AI services. We can use Aria through an existing Opera account. If you don’t have any Opera account, you can easily create one for free.

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