FileSwifter : Lightweight Portable File Manager for Windows

Like any other operating system Windows also comes with a file management software. The file management program that Windows comes with is called Windows File Explorer. It has continuously received updates and new features with each new version of the Windows operating system.

While Windows File Explorer has all the features one could desire from such a file manager, some users find it slow and bulky. If you also find it a little slower, then you can try FileSwifter. It is a lightweight and portable file management software for Windows.

As we launch FileSwifter, we are presented with really interesting colorful user interface. There is a list of files or folders displayed in its window. We can see the basic information about all the folders or files such as their extensions, the last modified date, the attributes, and the file size.


This file manager comes with so many  files related functions. For example, we can right-click on any folders or files and copy their filenames or pathnames. You can choose to modify the timestamps of any of the files or folders. Similarly, it allows us to change the attributes of any of the files.

It has many file renaming features too. We can right-click on the selected files or folders and choose one of the many renaming tools. The renaming tools can rename files into lowercase names, uppercase names, appending to the existing filenames, serializing the filenames, or replacing a portion of the filenames etc.

From the menubar, you can select a number of color themes which modify how the file manager tools. We can make it transparent and change the file manager to display lines or grid. We can also change the fonts used to display the files and folders in the FileSwifter file manager.

You can download FileSwifter from

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