NORAD Tracks Santa 2023 : Find When Santa is Coming

The first thing on every kid’s mind in the month of December is when Santa will come and what gifts will he bring. The gifts that Santa is going to deliver depends entirely on how good a kid has been. But we can find out when Santa is coming to your town easily through NORAD Santa tracker.

NORAD is an acronym for North American Aerospace Defense. They protect the entire North America from any possible threats. They use advanced technologies like the radars and satellites to track any foreign objects entering in their air space. With the help of these technologies, they can also track Santa’s Chariot when he comes on the Christmas day. According to a secret inside information, NORAD officers lookout for the bright red nose of Rudolph to find Santa’s location. They say that bright red blinking nose of Rudolph makes it easy to locate Santa’s chariot.

For this we have to open NORAD website in any web browser. It is said that NORAD works really good in the Google Chrome web browser or the Microsoft Edge web browser.

NORAD Tracks Santa 2023

On this website, we can see an animated view of Santa riding his chariot and his nine reindeer pulling it. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer is always in the front of everyone else. The site shows his location, his last visited city and how many gifts he has delivered so far. You can also call NORAD on their phone number (given on their site) to talk to them about Santa. You can also track Santa via their apps available for iPhone and Android.

Apart from the tracking feature, you can also find many other activities on NORAD Tracks Santa site. There is a gift shop from where you can buy NORAD and Santa gear. You can play a new game everyday at Arcade. You can watch movies about Santa at the Movie Theater. You can listen to the Christmas music at the Music Stage. There are books to explore at the Library and information about NORAD can also be found.