URL to PDF Converter : Save Any Webpage as PDF

Sometimes we come across a webpage that contains very useful information. We can print these webpages so that we can store them for later use. But if you do not want to print the webpages for any reason (such as no printer is available), then you can save these webpages as PDF files. For saving a webpage as a PDF file, we can use a web app called ToPDF.

Here is how you can easily convert any webpage into a PDF file and download it to your PC:

  1. First of all visit https://topdf.org/url in your web browser. You can visit this URL in any web browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Vivaldi etc.
  2. On that website, we have to enter the URL that has to be converted into a PDF file. This URL is either copy-pasted or manually typed in the “Enter URL to Convert” text-field.ToPDF URL to PDF
  3. There are many options for generating the PDF file. We can choose the render the URL as if viewed from a desktop PC or a mobile device. We can also choose the paper sheet size such as A4, A5, US Letter etc. We can choose margins,  orientation (portrait or landscape), color (full color or grayscale), whether links are to be enabled, whether images are be loaded and if you want JavaScript to run on that target URL.
  4. After making a selection from these options, we can click on the Convert button and you will be presented with the PDF in a few seconds. You can download this PDF to your PC if desired.

So this is how we can quickly convert a webpage into a PDF file on your computer without installing any software. This web app works on all the web browsers. The web app has a minimalist interface, but creates very high quality PDF files that can be opened in all kinds of PDF viewer applications.