FoneDog PDF Compressor : Smart PDF Compressor for Mac

After scanning a document, booklet or a book, we often get high quality PDF files. These PDF files contain the high-resolution scanned images of the pages from the original book. Sometimes the scanning software also adds some other information in the scanned images which results in a big bulky PDF file.

Such huge PDF files have a few drawbacks. Firstly, they are not easy to upload or download owing to their large file size. And then they take a little bit longer time to load in a PDF reading software such as Adobe Acrobat.

Fortunately, we can reduce the size of large PDF files without sacrificing the PDF quality that much. With the help of FoneDog PDF Compressor, we can quickly compress an existing PDF file. It is a smart PDF compressor for macOS.

FoneDog PDF Compressor

After launching, we can simply drag-n-drop the PDF files on its window. As soon as you drop the files, it shows a small thumbnail preview of the PDF file in its window. Afterwards, it processes the PDF file and reduces its size. In the window, we can see the original size and the compressed size of the PDF file. It also displays the reduction in the file size after the compression has taken place.

From the buttons displayed near the bottom edge of the application, we can click on the “Save” button to save the PDF file in its compressed format. You can also save the PDF file in the compressed format with a different file name by clicking on the “Save As” button.

By default, this application uses an “Automatic” compression method. But we can manually change the DPI setting for the images to reduce their resolution and therefore the file sizes. It offers three DPI settings – 75 DPI for low quality, 150 DPI for medium quality and 300 DPI for high quality.

You can download FoneDog PDF Compressor from