AutoText Master : Quickly Write Text in Any Text Editor

All those people who have to work in front of the computer know that so many times they have to type the same piece of text again and again. For example, if you are replying to an email message, then you may have to give the same answer to different clients or customers. The reply may have some changes like the names and other user information but the rest of the text is identical.

Instead of typing in the same text again and again, some users keep a text file containing already typed text. They simply copy and paste this text whenever they have to use it. This definitely saves time and gives you an error free text. However, we can speed things up even more by using AutoText Master.

AutoText Master is a Windows application which can be used to automate the repeated typing of certain chunks of text. It can be invoked manually, or we can assign special keywords or keyboard shortcuts for using it. In its settings, we can add as many text entries as we want. Each entry is assigned a keyword and a keyboard shortcut.

AutoText Master

For example, we have created a basic “Good morning” greeting and assigned the “gm” keyword to it. Now whenever we type “gm” in any text editor, it detects the keyword and changes “gm” into the text message associated with it.

The application offers very advanced features such as application filters. Using the application filters, we can decide for which applications AutoText Master is going to work. For example, we can allow it only for Microsoft Word. We can also add prefix and suffix to the keywords. Only when the keyword is typed after the prefix (or before the suffix) then it will be activated.

AutoText Master is a very productive and useful application. It can be helpful for the people who have to type a lot of text such as the coders and writers.

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