Google Bard is now Gemini : Android App Also Available

Google has renamed their generative AI technology based chatbot Bard and now it is being called Gemini. Along with the renaming of Bard to Gemini, they have also announced some new features that have been added. Gemini AI chatbot is already available for the use through any web browser.

In order to start using Gemini, you can visit in your web browser. As of now it informs the users that Google Bard is now Gemini. The user interface has been redesigned and we can find the chatbox prompt near the bottom side of the screen.

In this chatbox prompt we can ask basically anything from help with computer programming to a little help with recipe for an upcoming event. Gemini gives results very fast and they are in a very nice conversational style.

Bard is now Gemini

Gemini has an interesting setting using which you can control how the responses are displayed. By default it displays the responses instantly. But when this happens, the responses are displayed slowly in parts as they are being generated. If you disable the Realtime responses option, then Gemini will display whole of the response in one go when it has finished generating the entire length of that response.

Google has also released Gemini app for Android and iOS. This makes using Gemini a breeze. When using the Gemini app on Android, you can talk to the AI chatbot instead of typing the text (typing text is also available). In addition, you can also upload an image to ask what to do about something. For example, if you can take picture of eggs, onions, salt, butter, and black pepper to ask Gemini about a possible recipe (what can I make from these?) and Gemini will give an whole list of possible recipes.

You can get the Gemini app for Android from The Gemini AI can also be activated from the Google Assistant settings.

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