AVS Audio Editor : Record, Edit and Mix Audio Files

After recording an audio, we have to edit it for many reasons. Editing can be done for trimming the audio file so that starting portions can be removed. We can also cut out the portions that we did not like or recorded by accident. Furthermore, we can modify, enhance and denoise the audio file through the editing process.

For editing any audio file, we can use AVS Audio Editor. It is a very advanced audio editor designed for the Windows computers. It supports editing many audio file formats such as MP3, AAC, WAV, OGG, WMA, FLAC etc. We can open audio file formats of any kind and export them to popular audio formats. It can also be used to create ringtones for iPhone and other mobile devices.

We can open an existing audio file in AVS Audio Editor for editing it and modifying it. But we can also use AVS Audio Editor for recording an audio file directly from the microphone. Depending on the audio hardware setup for your Windows PC, you can record the audio being played on your Windows PC too.

AVS Audio Editor

We can hook the audio output cable from another device to the audio line-in port of the Windows PC. This way we will be able to record the audio coming from older devices such as cassette tape players, AM/FM radios, or vinyl record players.

AVS Audio Editor comes with a unique text-to-speech feature using which we can convert text to naturally spoken audio. We just have to type the text inside the textbox (or copy-paste it) and it can quickly use the TTS engine to create an audio file from it. The voice used for this process is used depends on which of the TTS voices the user has installed on their computer.

You can download AVS Audio Editor from https://www.avs4you.com/.

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