Enhance Your Photos for Free with AVS Photo Editor

We no longer have to think about packing the camera when going on a road trip or on the vacations. This is because all the latest smartphones are equipped with very high resolution digital cameras. It is not uncommon to see smartphones with 108 megapixel cameras.

But after capturing your photos, we have another task waiting for us. Now we have to sort through all the hundreds of photos and  discard the ones that are not really good ones. After this, we can go ahead and edit the photos a little bit to make them look prettier.

For editing the digital photos, we can use a free software called AVS Photo Editor. It is completely free for personal use and works on all the Windows computers. It offers many tools to edit and enhance the digital photos. It can easily become your favorite go-to software for editing photos after every photo-shoot.

AVS Photo Editor

The basic tools included in AVS Photo Editor can help you remove the red eye effects, or adjust the color, contrast, and brightness. Tools for cropping, rotating, and resizing the pictures help rid of unwanted parts from a photo. We can retouch the photo and remove small imperfections. The brushing tool works great for removing the blemishes from someone’s face in a photo.

The software comes with various preset effects. We can simply select one of these presets and it will apply all the necessary changes to your photos. These presets include aged photo, black & white high contrast, cold tone, sepia tone, sharp details, soft focus, noon day sun effect, etc.

The software also comes with an advanced watermarking tool. Using this feature we can add text or image based watermarks to our photos in seconds. AVS Photo Editor supports printing of your photos directly through a connected printer.

You can download AVS Photo Editor from https://www.avs4you.com/.

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