CoMachina : Open-Source Desktop Assistant for Windows 11

After the immense success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI based chatbot, all major software companies launched or announced their own similar AI chatbot products. Microsoft first integrated an AI chatbot called CoPilot in the Microsoft Edge web browser.  This is the same AI chatbot that is available through the Bing website. In the latest update of Windows 11, this AI based chatbot is also included as the new desktop assistant.

Microsoft CoPilot has replaced the previous desktop assistant called Cortana. But if you do not want to go for the AI powered CoPilot, then you can try open-source desktop assistant client for Windows 11 called CoMachina. According to the developer of CoMachina, the project is slowly becoming similar to CoPilot.

CoMachina is available as a portable application. We can download the ZIP archive, decompress it and then launch “CoMachina.exe” from there. The user interface of CoMachine looks very similar to that of Microsoft Cortana or CoPilot. It opens like a messenger client and allows us to chat with the itself. You can search for things, ask questions, enter keywords, and it will present the best possible results for you.


For example, you can ask CoMachina to “change the desktop wallpaper”, or to “uninstall the software for you”. If you just type “install” then it will give you options to choose the most common software for the installation. Similarly you can ask it about the weather forecast of your city.

CoMachina is still under development and new features are being added to it gradually. The developer has expressed a wish to include many more features in the future. For example, the  developer desires to integrate Microsoft CoPilot itself  in the CoMachina user interface. This way you will be able to use CoPilot from within CoMachina in addition to the usual CoMachina features.

You can download CoMachina from

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