Play “Only Up” Game in Web Browser Without Installation

The original Only Up game was released last year on Steam. But later the same year it ran intro some serious controversy over copyrighted material. Because of these problems, this game was first temporarily and later permanently removed from the Steam platform.

Only Up is a platform game in which you have to control a person climbing on various objects in an attempt to go higher and higher up. The game starts in a junkyard in which you find some blocks on which you can jump easily. When you keep jumping up from one place to another, soon you find yourself going up. If you fall down when jumping then you come back down on the ground. Now you have to start this game all over again.

Because Only Up was removed from Steam, it is no longer available from Steam. However one similar Only Up games are available online. We can play this Only Up game in the web browser without downloading or installing the game on the computer. It is not the same as the original game and the graphics have a lower resolution, but it is the best substitute of the Only Up game.

Only Up Game

The Only Up game that you can play inside your web browser has some very basic controls. You can use the Spacebar to jump, you can use the usual WSAD keys for movement. And you can change the look direction using he mouse. You can use the P key to pause the game and release the control of the mouse pointer. You can also use the R key to reset the game. Pressing the R key accidentally will take you back to the start and you will lose all the progress.

The Only Up game is a really enjoyable fun game and we can enjoy it for hours at end. The game has no end as you have to go higher and higher. There is also no “game over” because the player does not lose any health.

You can start playing Only UP game in your web browser by visiting

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